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An overview of the FNC Group and the membership package

A global logistics network of over 500 medium-sized firms in more than 100 countries around the world, the FNC is comprised of over 500 medium-sized freight forwarding and logistics companies. FNC distinguishes itself from other service providers by using this multidisciplinary approach to serve clients.

Freight Network Company is a reputed freight forwarder network that emerged as a bridge to connect freight forwarders all over the world and develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence. 

Originally filled with a few members, the group now has many partners, and each day, the network grows as a means to connect forwarders all over the world.

The FNC Group was created to bring together the global logistics community under one roof to facilitate an integrated logistics solution.

Our mission is to help our members become more effective and efficient leaders in their countries. A vast network of FNC Group members is present worldwide, promoting and exchanging business relationships with trustworthy partners.

FNC Group has organized membership categories from Basic membership to Platinum membership professionally. Based on this categorization, each company is able to determine the membership needed in accordance with the organization's needs.

Verification and evaluation purposes require a copy of your company's license, IATA/Fiata/customs clearance, or any other valid certification you may have.Upon receiving the documents, the approval team will contact you regarding the membership status.

For your convenience, we have provided a brief description of each category.Please find below a brief outline of the membership categories available at FNC Group

Basic Membership + Freight Protection Program: USD  1500 per year 

For companies wishing to grow their wings internationally with international partners and have a minimum of two years' experience, FNC Group provides a huge gateway. As a result, small and young companies have a chance to do business together. Basic membership has a maximum credit limit of USD 5000. Small organizations with limited staff are eligible for this membership. Applicants with certificates and accreditations such as IATA, FIATA, Customs Broker License, or National Freight Forwarders Association Certificate will be considered

Verified Membership + Freight Protection Program: USD 2000 per year

Companies with at least two years' experience, well-trained staff, IATA, FIATA, Customs Broker License, or National Freight Forwarders Association accreditation can apply for Verified Membership. This is an opportunity to expand business with partners around the world. There is a maximum credit limit of USD 10,000. Branch offices of verified companies can be added to the directory without paying an extra fee. 

Platinum Membership + Freight Protection Program: USD 6000

Platinum members are entitled to all the above benefits of verified membership.Platinum Membership does not require annual renewal. One-time payment is super beneficial for the platinum membership along with a 20% discount in all FNC Group conferences for one delegate participating from the company. For Freight Protection Program, only USD 1000 needs to be renewed annually.

The Freight Protection Program (FPP)

For its members, the FNC Group offers a freight protection program designed to protect them from default payments, bankruptcy, and other insolvency situations. For this wonderful program of protection, a minimum premium is collected from the members.

Please visit the link below to know more details on this.

How to Apply Membership ?

Fill out the online application at the following link for the verification process if you would like to become part of the FNC family. Ensure you attach available certifications you may have, such as an IATA / FIATA/ National Freight Forwarder Association certification or a Customs Broker license. It is also recommended to include a brief description of your organization and its management. Our team will be able to verify your membership as quickly as possible if you provide us with these details. Approval usually takes between two and seven days. If you did not receive approval, please contact the admin team for further assistance.


  • Instant Access to 500+ FNC Certified Members
  • Enrolled Company will be listed in Membership Directory 
  • Membership Certificate (Printable Soft Copy) will be issued from FNC HQ. 
  • Members can nominate reliable agents ( Subject Admin Approval) 
  • Members are  eligible to participate in FNC Freight Protection Program 
  • FNC Member Enjoy day to day Admin Support 
  • Member will receive Frequent Circular , Membership Updation & News. 


  • Nomination / Routing Business From Fellow Members Also create new business opportunity with well experienced freight community. 
  • Eligible to use FNC Group Name, Logo & Certificate
  • Member will receive invitation to attend the FNC Group Business Conferences
  • Member will receive payment collection support service
  • Enjoy improved visibility online along with better search engine ranking for your company website 
  • Full Access of members directory and global business networks through our members-only website

FNC is a global network of over 500+ medium sized Freight Forwarding and logistic companies in more than 100 countries around the world. It is this unique multidisciplinary methodology to serving clients that makes FNC different.

FNC Group is a reputed Freight Network emerged as a bridge to connect the freight forwarders across the globe under one roof to develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence among our members.

Started with few members in the group, has now been filled with many partners and each day the network is growing in an aim to connect nook and corner of the forwarders world.

"Our Passion is Helping your Passion Flourish & Our Mission is to help you carry out yours"  


Robust scrutiny of prospective and current member organisation, to ensure they are trustworthy, efficient and professional with strong reputations in their local markets.

Non Exclusive 

Allowing member organisation to retain their independence without centralised control by remaining an association, while providing value-adding support services to members.


Freight Network Corporation is a collaborative chain of organisations working to enhance the professional endeavours and mutual business growth of members 


FNC Group's Vision to bringing together qualified and like minded Freight Forwarder & Logistic Services providers.Create excellent platform to develop and share Airfreight, Sea freight, Project cargo & International moving business.

FNC Group Pte Ltd
16 Raffles Quay
#41-01 Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581
Registration No : 201108828G
Email :
Tel : 65 31581830Fax: 65 67228404

UK : +44 7311071402 / +44 7311067998

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